TEBECHOP SE industrial range rectifiers and DC converters – developed to cope with the highest demands.

In areas of industry where it is crucial for the operating systems to perform with maximum availability in the interests of safety and profitability, no shutdown periods can be allowed, for example in the petrochemical industry, in the generation and distribution of energy and in highly automated applications, including traffic management.



In such areas, the plant, the control systems and the monitoring technology must be fully protected against failure or faults in the electrical supply.

With BENNING’s TEBECHOP SE product line, it offers a new generation of highly affordable modular rectifiers which meet the challenges of sensitive, process-critical systems to an unrivalled extent: capable of operating in parallel with lead-acid or NiCd energy storage when it comes to battery-supported standby power solutions.

TEBECHOP SE rectifier systems combine straightforward, flexible power adjustment (scalability) with high availability and excellent energy efficiency. The essential building blocks of these rectifier systems are power modules with reliable hot-plug technology which can be increased when power output requirements increases. Redundant systems (e.g. n + r redundancy) can be designed in order to achieve additional uptime availability.

Main advantages:

  • maximum availability
  • flexibility of application and investment
  • minimum operating costs

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23 May 2023

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