Expansion or Replacement UPS systems can be complicated. With integration of many other importatant equipment, careful planning of online replacement or expansion is needed and we can help you with this process for good execution. 

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Design and Planning for Expansion/Replacement of your UPS systems

Before renovating, expansion or replacement of UPS systems, our experienced team of design engineers and service engineers work together to ensure smooth load transition and system integration. 

Installation of New Equipment with Integration to Existing Systems

New equipment installation and comissioning risk assessment and planning are performed by trained and certified engineers at all steps. With good planning and engineering design, successful expansion and integration for new units or enhanced reliability (parallel operation) are possible.



Extending or improving a UPS system for increased reliability, availability or redundancy can be executed with minimal worry as long as the customer works closely with our team from the planning stage to final integration.


23 May 2023

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